My story

Hi there, my name is Faeeza Barnabas. I’m a mother of four amazing children. Two boys and two girls. I am also blessed with two beautiful granddaughters to love and cherish. My journey to become a doula started when my eldest daughter fell pregnant. Being part of the pregnancy and birth of my granddaughter, the fulfilment of being able to give my daughter the support, made me wonder about those first-time mothers who do not have the support my daughter had. The birth of a child is like the beginning of all things— wonder, hope and dream of possibilities. Let me support you and dream together the possibilities. So here I am, at your Service.

My Philosophy

My philosophy on birth is that it is a normal, natural process that your body was perfectly designed to experience. 

 My desire as doula is to support the expectant mom (and dad) in a way that allows and encourages her to achieve her goals and desires for birth, whatever they may be, as well as one that keeps mom and baby healthy. 


The keys to a joyful birthing experience are safety, security, support, preparation and a calm mindset, all planned in advance, to be by your side for anything that should arise. 

Before Labour & Delivery: 

The mental game surrounding birth is all important here. There is a natural sense of anxiety with labour because, if it is your first time, you don't know how you will react to what is to come. You go into your birthing place as one person and you leave as another. Plus, you leave WITH ANOTHER PERSON TOO! I want to hold that space for you.

During Labour  Delivery

During these moments, and there are many, you need someone to help walk you through to the next moment, someone to coach you through the wave and out of it. A doula like myself is equipped to do that for you by: 

⭐ Verbally strengthening and encouraging you 

⭐ Offering up distractions or focal points 

⭐ Changes of position 

⭐ Checking in with your emotions and walking you through them 

⭐ Offering water/food 

⭐ Physical comfort 

⭐ and so much more... 

A labouring person needs this kind of continuous support in order to get to the finish line without feeling crazy for taking this road that is labour.

final thoughts

In choosing me as your doula, I do not judge the way you decide to labour (unmedicated, medicated, or caesarean). I respect your space by holding it with the utmost care. 

 It is my highest honour to serve women in one of the most splendid moments of their lives.